What Is The Normal Vaginal Odor

The vagina should not smell unpleasant. You may have noticed various scents of the vagina, but it’s all good until includes within the limits of normality. But an unusual smell, which is more sharp and is’t connected with uncomfortable tingling or itching, you should consult your gynecologist as soon as possible. Also, scents and deodorants for vagina should not be part of your practice.

Musk smell

Musk vagina is a term that is constantly repeated when we talk about smell of vagina, but we’re not quite sure if we like. We must admit that “musk” it sounds like our grandmother’s perfume and vagina smells much better than that. But it is a scent that can be extremely strong on some points, because it has a lot of sebaceous glands. Dr. Jennifer Shira says “A healthy vagina usually has some sort of smell, but the smell can vary from day to day depending on how active you are. For example, after hard training can have a stronger smell, musk, due surrounding sweat glands – which is 100% normal”


We’re talking about the smell of vagina, but your vagina may not smell at all. Gynecologist Lisa Rankin said: “After showering, your vagina may no smell,”and if you’re not active, you might not notice any odor. But there is no cause for concern.

Scent of metal

Over a long period, pH levels are changing, and there is a smell of the blood, so it is not unusual to appear odor of metal during menstruation. It should be occasional and no reason for concern, especially if appears and disappears after the period of menstruation.

Smell of bleach

The smell of bleach sounds as a strong and unnatural smell for normal odor of a vagina. But it actually happens after sex. Sometimes it’s the smell of the condom. Even if you do not use condoms, you can have the same problem, as Dr. Rankin says after you had sex, you can smell the bleach, a classic scent of semen. This is also temporary and can not immediately disappear.

Basically, all women need to take care about the smell of the vagina, because it is significantly important part of the women life. Each vagina has its own special fragrance, which combines the normal bacteria that live in it, from what you eat, how you dress, your level of hygiene, bowel habits, how much you’re sweating and how your sweat glands work.
Remember, those glands found near the vagina also excrete pheromones – hormones that attract a sexual partner. So, do not overdo it with artificial flavors, forget the scents of peach, lilac, rose … If you using them often, you’ll hinder your original function that smell should achieve. So, be the owner of your own scent. Of course, if you’re concerned made an appointment with your gynecologist to make sure that your vagina is healthy and normal.