Did you know that there is a natural way in which you can determine the state of your health, but you can probably never think of? Surprisingly enough, you can rely on your farts.

Some foods cause the farts we produce to be stinky. These foods include almonds, broccoli, cauliflowers, and Brussels sprouts.

Moreover, foods that contain plenty of sulfur also create pretty smelly farts. These foods are meat and eggs for example. But of course, this does not mean that you should stop eating these foods.

When we consume foods that cause frequent creation of gases we help the microorganisms in the gut to absorb the nutrients. If these microorganisms do not get sufficient carbohydrates, a great part of them is going to die.

Some studies suggest that the average person farts fourteen times per day. As much as incredible it sounds to you, farts, including the smelly ones, are a good sign that the digestive system is just fine. The farts are actually natural gases that are made of gases created by the bacteria in the digestive system and the air we have swallowed.

However, if a fart smells horribly, it is not that good of a sign. Furthermore, these farts can be a sign that you are intolerant to lactose. Those farts that happen soon after you have eaten some dairy product usually show that your system is not able to easily break the lactose down. Moreover, if the farts become pretty frequent and stinky, it might mean that you deal with some chronic issue such as gastroenteritis or irritable bowel syndrome, also known as celiac disease.

If you do fart over twenty times a day, it is pretty likely that you are consuming something that brings increased amount of air in the guts. This does not mean that your health is endangered, and you can also pretty easily make the necessary changes to get rid of this problem. We should also mention that drinking coffee in great amounts can lead to recurrent farts.

The same goes for people who consume too many carbohydrates as well, since certain types of food cannot be broken down easily by the digestive system, especially following a vegetarian or vegan diet or eating food fast.

If you want to reduce the amount of stinky farts, you should reduce the consumption of foods that are full of sulfur like pork and beef for instance. nice alternatives for these types of meat would be chicken and fish.

A Few Extra Tips:

  • always chew the food well before swallowing. By chewing slow, you will make it easier for your intestines and stomach, the digestive system in general, when it comes to breaking down the food.
  • consume more of fresh food, like fruits and vegetables. These foods are also known as natural laxatives, since they stabilize and regulate the bowel movement.
  • stomach problems can be treated by using garlic, sassafras and peppermints in your diet. These foods, alongside some others, have been used for treating problems of this for ages, since ancient times.