How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

Almost every adult person has experienced at least one episode of back pain. It may be caused by injuries, numeorus diseases, strained muscles, spinal stenosis, herniated disc and degeneration of vertebrae.

*Back pain*

About 85% of the cases, there is no clear cause of pain, not even witth the sophisticated diagnostic procedure’s application like magnetic resonance imaging.
The pain in the back can be acute that can lat for a month ot chronic (more than a month). It passes spontaneously witno no treatment. But when it becomes chronic, it seeks additional counseling and testing.
Almost every person has felt stiffness in the shoulders and the neck. Your head is heavy and you feel tired and the muscles of the neck are stiff, causing pain.

Folded back, carrying a heavy load and improper posture gives rise to the problems. Carrying heavy load and aging can cause arthritis. Irregular sleeo, reading book in bed and exercise can also cause pain.

How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

Here are some tips for healthy back:

The sitting wakens the waist muscles, so get up and shake the legs for 10 minutes and you should also exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles of the back.
If the mattress you sleep is older than five years, you should buy a new one. New mattress eliminates the pain in the back and improves the life quality.
Never sleep on the stomach as it is harmful for the back and neck. Do more sports, such as walking for at least half an hour per day. You can also hike as it stretches and relaxes the back muscles.

Don’t carry heavy objects as it can deform and amplify the spine pain.
Similar can happen if you have small children. It’s better to bend the kneed and lift with help of the thigh muscles. Remember always to bend the knees.

The shoulders are more specific joints with a wide movement range. it is susceptible to damage the flexible joint. The sore shoulders can come from these reasons:

Shoulders are slightly more specific spherical joints with a wide range of movements. The flexible joint is susceptible to damage. Sore shoulders may come from one or more of the following reasons:

-Stiffly shoulder, fractured bones on the hand, dislocation, unstable joints in the shoulders and stretching.

Causes of the spread of the neck pain

The pain in the neck can be acute or chronic. Stretching or damaging of the structure of the neck region is the most common cause of pain in the neck.

The risk factors that lead to stretching or cramping the muscles of the neck are: poor posture during sleep, work-related sitting, reduced physical activity, stress and poor posture while walking and sitting.

This is how you can reduce your pain at home:

You shoukd pour cold or hot compresses to the problematic area and you should repeat this from two to three hours. This is medically confirmed that the cold and hot compresses reduce the pain.

Your should practice proper exercises as movement of the neck muscles and daily exercise can help you to eliminate the pain. Exercises strengthen the muscles of the neck especially when it comes about chronic pain.

Another way to relax the neck muscles is the massage. If you can’t visit a massage parlor you can make a massage by yourself.

You can also change the sleep position and the pillow. You should use feather pillow that forms according to the head and neck’s shape. You can also use pillow with memory foam that adapt to thr head and neck’s shape. Avoid the pillow that are high or hard.It’s possible to prevent curvature of the spine if you sleep aside. Use an adequate cushion during the long trips to provide great support to the neck and head.

Eliminate the stress from your life as it is number one enemy when it comes to pain and stiffness in the back and neck. Do yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises.